Wrapping up your lessons soon? Don’t forget these important steps:

  • Plan a celebration! Your student has been working hard – below are the suggestion for how to acknowledge their accomplishments and make it a day your student will never forget. For some kids, working towards a celebration, especially when sharing a new skill with a friend or family, can be a great motivator. Start talking about your celebration a few weeks in advance to help get your student excited.
  • Complete this 5 minute, feedback survey. CoachArt wants to know how to better support you and our students.
  • Send us your magical moments! Got a great picture or video from your lessons? Please email it to your Program Manager.
  • What’s next? Want to keep working with the same student? Change subjects? Take a break? Email your Program Manager to share.

Congratulations on the end of your lessons!
Thank you so much for bringing joy and play into your student’s life.


Visual Arts

  • Create a gallery in the home of pieces and invite friends and family for a viewing. Tip: send special invitations in the mail or via email a week or two before
  • Visit a gallery/exhibit focusing on the same type of visual art. Tip: check out local colleges, local galleries, free museum days or contact CoachArt for more resources in your area
  • Invite friend or family over and have a student be the head coach to teach project or skills from favorite lesson 
  • Display student’s artwork online (i.e. Artsonia – get permission from parent/guardian first) 

Performance Arts

  • Create a performance in the home of a song or dance and invite friends and family for a viewing. Tip: send special invitations in the mail or via email a week or two before
  • Find a local performer in the same type of art to go see. Tip: check out local colleges, cafes, city event websites or contact CoachArt for more resources
  • Make a video of the performance for CoachArt’s YouTube channel (Be sure to get permission from parent/guardian first!)


  • Create a cookbook featuring all the recipes you made and photos of you and your student
  • Prepare special dish to share with friend or family. Tip: send special invites in the mail or email a week or two before
  • Visit a culinary school or restaurant where to get to meet the chef or see a real restaurant kitchen 
  • Have one of the student’s friends come over for the final day and have the student lead the lesson 


  • Invite friends and family over to play a game of your sport. Tip: make special invitations via mail or email  a week or two in advance
  • Switch roles! the student becomes the coach, the coach becomes the student
  • Go to the local sports game. Tip: look at colleges, minor league, community games – check with CoachArt on expenses and for resources
  • Present a medal to the student
  • Have snacks and watch a current or re-run match/game that would be special and fun for your student

Download and print the certificate for your CoachArt kids!