"Working with the student is and continues to be a sacred time together where we can turn off the 'noise' and just be in the moment doing art. I think the adult world calls this mindfulness...”


“I think a positive attitude, compassion, and patience are all great character traits for volunteers…”


“What made me really proud of it,” Brett says, “I was getting out of the fifth grade and one of my friends who already knew I had come out of cancer—right before we were leaving school he kind of [...]

The Martins

"I have Juvenile Spondyloarthritis and hypogammaglobulinemia…”

Samantha and Fernanda

"They play a lot and Samantha has been exposed to a lot of medical appointments. Right teaching Samantha to take care of her sister. Even though she's bigger than her she has to respect her and [...]


"To me, the message is to be yourself, dream big, and don't let anyone stop you…”


“When Trump became president, like Forrest Gump, I just felt like running…"


“I am Cherry Alive, the little girl sang, each morning, I am something new…”


“I see that my experiences have helped me understand that you should treat people kindly and also that everyone deserves respect…”

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