Heart & Humanity Champion 2022

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As CoachArt has expanded nationally and scaled our impact over the last few years, a key tool in our growth has been the freelancing platform Upwork. 

When we discuss new ideas and projects in strategy meetings, someone usually asks “Have we posted it on Upwork yet?” When the pandemic hit, we were honored (and relieved!) to be a recipient of Upwork’s Talent Grants, which donated credits to organizations at a critical time when they needed to “pivot.” 

Those are just some of the reasons why we’re thrilled to be honoring Upwork CEO Hayden Brown as our Heart & Humanity Champion at our 2022 CoachArt Awards Gala on November 15

As we got to know Upwork, we were so impressed with Hayden. As an organization that’s trying to use technology to scale our impact, one of the things we like about Hayden is that she’s passionate about using “tech for good”:

We learned that Hayden spent her childhood in Kathmandu, Nepal, which is part of what drives her passion for the company’s mission to create economic opportunities so that people live better lives. 

As “power users” of Upwork, we’ve always been impressed by the results we get from the freelancers on the platform, and by what amazing people they are. 

We’ve hired Upwork freelancers for 17 different projects over the last few years, and our favorites include: 

  • Qiana Martin, who served as the first-ever facilitator of our Board’s DEI Committee
  • Sarah Williams, who came on to help with digital storytelling for CoachArt and eventually became our full-time Brand Manager, with responsibility for the content you see in our emails, social channels, and our new website
  • David Hoffman, who replied to a post on a Friday that we needed video files by Monday that could fit the 6×1 image ratio of the famous Times Square billboard when we got the amazing opportunity to ring the Nasdaq closing bell
  • Mindy Morgan Avitia, who has written so many of the blog posts on our new CoachArt Inspire blog 

We’re even currently using Upwork to find livestream producers to run the online component of the 2022 CoachArt Awards Gala

Some of our past honorees include: 

The award will be given during our CoachArt Awards Gala, where we’ll be celebrating our favorite impact stories of the year and raising funds to continue to advance our mission. 

We look forward to honoring Upwork CEO Hayden Brown on November 15! 

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