The Winner of Our Pay It Forward Award Has Come Full Circle!

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Starting Life With a Setback

Just 11 days after making her grand entrance into the world, small (but mighty) Sameeha developed an unexpected infection.

Her right leg, left hip, and growth plates were affected, leaving her with discrepancies between her right and left legs. Since then, Sameeha has had to endure multiple therapies and surgeries to make corrections and enhance her mobility.

Fortunately, she enrolled in CoachArt in 2018  and has participated in more than 50 clubs and one-on-one matches! Now 15, Sameeha is paying kindness forward, and we’re so impressed we’ve given her our “Pay It Forward” Award!

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

Procedure after procedure takes a toll on a person — especially when that person is pint-sized.

Her most recent medical excursion? No walk in the park. It required over one year of recovery time!

(Talk about being a trooper.)

Stuck in bed on doctor’s orders, missing out on school, and facing a long road to recovery, Sameeha was determined to take advantage of all the great opportunities CoachArt offered.

So she participated in all sorts of artistic activities:

  • Galaxy painting
  • Loom weaving
  • Character illustration
  • Jewelry making
  • Sketching
  • Nature watercolor painting
  • Card making
  • Fairytale art
  • Clay sculpting
  • Macramé knitting

Think that list is long? You don’t know the half of it!

From Student to Founder

Now that Sameeha is better than ever before, she wants to give back what was given to her.

At her high school, a CoachArt Club is in the works. Who’s the head honcho running the show? You guessed it: Sameeha!

Her big plans include creating art kits and tutorial videos for the local hospital’s playroom. A passionate artist herself, she believes in making arts and crafts an activity everyone can engage in and enjoy!

There’s power in opening up and sharing your story, which Sameeha does happily and without hesitation. CoachArt helped her grow through tough times, and now she wants to help CoachArt grow, too!

Sister Act

Sameeha isn’t the only one in her family who’s eligible for our programs. Her siblings are, too!

Little sis has her fair share of favorite CoachArt classes, following in Sameeha’s footsteps. And big sis is a volunteer coach!

Thanks for paying it forward, Sameeha. We can’t wait to see what’s next for you!


Photos of Sameeha from our partner Pastimes for a Lifetime, Inc.

How You—Yeah, YOU!—Can Help Other Kids and Families by Paying it Forward

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$14 is the average cost of 1 lesson for 1 student, through CoachArt’s innovative model.

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