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Everyone has skills and talents, and if they want to share 'em with kids, they have what it takes to be volunteer coaches with CoachArt. If they also enjoy sharing friendly smiles and laughs and heart then they're really among our superstars. And if they ALSO happen to be good at sharing these moments on social media, they're a special kind of superstar, like actor and digital designer Keenan Spencer -- our 2022 Social Media Superstar!

You may know Keenan from movies she's appeared in such as "Hotel Lobby" (2003), "Feast of the Body" (2016), or "Gods School" (2018). Or you might already be one of her thousands of social media followers. CoachArt kids know her as an awesome painting and drawing coach!

Check out these examples of how Keenan has helped us use social media to reach more people who might want to join the CoachArt community!

Keenan told us “I feel like I’m able to contribute positively to someone’s life early on in their development, which hopefully will have a ripple effect on society.” We totally agree that coaching kids has a ripple effect on society — and those ripples are spreading even faster and wider because Keenan enjoys posting online about the great experience of making a positive impact on young lives!

So thank you, Keenan, for being part of the CoachArt community, for sharing your experience on social media, and for being our 2022 Social Media Superstar!

Keenan is just one of 2,000+ volunteers who donate their time each month to make arts & athletics possible for CoachArt kids. 

We just recently launched our 2023 Impact Subscriber program — will you donate $14 each month to fund the lesson materials and volunteer training and management costs?

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