The winner of the 2022 SpokesKid of the Year is….

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Meet Erick: the CoachArt Student Spokesperson of the Year!

If you’ve learned about CoachArt in the last year or so, there’s a pretty good chance Erick is the first CoachArt student you saw. 

When CoachArt expanded to New York City, Erick was one of our first and most active students. Since then, Erik and his mom Erika have generously let us tell Erick’s CoachArt story in so many places and to so many people!

For instance, in this “Meet Erick” video from 2021…

Beating the Odds Since Birth

Most of us are made tough by taking life’s punches. But the few who were born tough—wrestling for their lives from day one—are the real champions of the ring!

When a difficult delivery became a battle with sepsis, Erick’s chances of survival were slim. Thanks to healthcare heroes, modern medicine, and his fighting spirit, he came out on top. 

(And smiling from ear to ear!)

Taking a Break to Be a Kid

That said, Erick’s journey from fragile infant to unbreakable kid hasn’t been an easy one. Twists, turns, and unexpected obstacles have lined the trail all his life.

Much like those of all children who bravely climb the barriers thrown up by chronic illness, Erick’s days frequently involve trips to the hospital, medical appointments, tests, treatments, and therapies.

CoachArt offers Erick a momentary, much-needed escape from his health complications. And most importantly, our platform grants him permission to be the kid that he is!

An Expert in Artistic Expression

Van Gogh? Picasso? Rembrandt? No, it’s Erick!

While Erick enthusiastically enrolls in CoachArt classes of all varieties, he’s taken a special interest in visual arts like:

  • Sketching
  • Drawing
  • Acrylic painting
  • Watercolor painting

There’s no medium this little man can’t master! And when we say “master,” we mean it. According to his CoachArt coaches, Erick’s becoming a better artist than they are! 

(He assures us that those are their words, not his. What a humble human!)

Don’t believe us? Seeing is believing, so see it for yourself! Click here to check out some of his amazing artwork. 

The color, the brushstrokes, the technique—it’s purely perfection! *chef’s kiss*

The Face of CoachArt Kids

He’s not one to brag, but we sure are. After all, he’s kind of a big deal around here. Here’s just a handful of what earned Erick the award for CoachArt Student Spokesperson of the Year:

  1. Rang the Nasdaq bell in October, 2021 to announce CoachArt’s national expansion! 
  2. Told his story in our feature video at our 2021 Online Launch Party!
  3. Showed off his art in our 2022 About Us video!

From everyone in the CoachArt community, thank you Erick for sharing your CoachArt story with so many potential new CoachArt volunteers, families, and supporters nationwide!

Bring these programs to more kids like Erick! 

In 2022, Erick did approximately 284 lessons with CoachArt!

From January’s Painting, Coding, and Voice lessons, all the way through December when he’s scheduled for Ceramics/Sculpture, Ukulele, and Gingerbread Architecture lessons. 

For each lesson, CoachArt provides all of the lesson materials and volunteer training

Using our efficient app-based model – that comes out to an average of $14 per lesson

Will you donate to the 2023 CoachArt Impact Fund to bring more lessons to kids like Erick?

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