The 2023 CoachArt Impact Registry

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Introducing: our 2023 Impact Registry!

When a kid affected by serious illness gets matched with one of our coaches, we send whatever arts and athletics equipment they need. 

The parents have told us that receiving the equipment fills the kids with enthusiasm and joy for their new lessons. 

So this year-end, we’ve created a “registry” of some of the most common items that we know kids will need next year….

Will you fund an item on the list? Every item:

  • is something we can ship to a CoachArt kid for future lessons
  • is based on current actual prices

If you’d rather send an Amazon gift card, that’s great too! Just send it our way to

Full transparency alert!

Not to be too fine print-y, but in case you’re curious:

  • We report the details of the difference your donation made directly to you
  • Prices of items may increase throughout the year
  • Actual items purchased may differ slightly depending on CoachArt kids’ needs

Thanks a million for considering a contribution to CoachArt! You’re the real MVP.

Make your impact

Be part of CoachArt’s innovative program making an impact for kids affected by serious illness.

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