Scaling Impact with the CoachArt Connect App

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Technology has impacted our lives in so many ways. What once required us to call a taxi service, now can be achieved with a quick request for a ride on a familiar rideshare app. Or back when our only options for destination travel were big chain hotels and over-priced boutique BnB’s, is now overflowing with affordable, and beautiful, unique private places to stay around the world–all thanks to innovative technology.

And what if we told you that this technology also can make a scalable, positive impact across the country for kids and teens impacted by chronic illness?

Phone showing a cooking lesson, guitar lesson and painting lesson from CoachArt Connect

The CoachArt Connect App does just that. But using similar technology, our app helps children impacted by chronic illnesses learn new skills in the arts and athletics. Giving them an opportunity for a smile, and a needed break from the demands of chronic illness. 

“I’ve been blown away by CoachArt. There’s a great infrastructure in place that allows students to grow and develop and really find themselves,” says Daniel Seco, writer, and CoachArt volunteer.

CoachArt is a nonprofit organization that enables a volunteer with art or athletic skills to connect with a kid impacted by chronic illness who wants to learn that skill for in-person or online lessons.

Unfortunately, 20 million kids with serious diagnoses qualify for CoachArt’s free services but don’t yet know about them. Our vision is to keep scaling up to improve more lives and bring the benefits of CoachArt to a child impacted by chronic illness. 

How it works

1. CoachArt Volunteers are Trained

Once a volunteer decides to offer their time and skills, they’ll go through online training and a background check. Here they’ll learn about CoachArt and about working with kids who have different abilities. 

2. Volunteers Connect With CoachArt Kids

After their training and background check, CoachArt volunteers can log into the app to see CoachArt Kids and which would align best with their lessons and skills, and those who would like to receive online or in-person lessons. 

3. Volunteers Propose a Lesson Schedule 

Unlike other lesson apps that force participants to cater to the instructors, CoachArt volunteers and parents can work on a schedule that works for both. They’ll get an instant text message to confirm if the schedule works for their family. 

Once accepted, a CoachArt team member checks in with a volunteer and the family to answer any questions and ship out any lesson materials they need, such as paint or a basketball.

4. Weekly Lessons Begin

Each volunteer commits to at least four weekly lessons, and every volunteer has access to Coach Corner, an online resource with lesson guides and tips for working with kids with different needs.

What to Expect When You Register Your Child for CoachArt

If you have a child you think would be a great fit for CoachArt, check out our eligibility requirements for enrolling your child in CoachArt Connect. 


Weekly 1-Hour Sessions 

CoachArt coaches commit to at least four weekly lessons, virtually. Allowing you to access them from the comfort of your home. All coaches prepare lessons that are fun, enriching, and fully adapted to your family’s needs. 


Flexible Scheduling 

We understand that you’ve got a lot on your plate, and we want our lessons to be a source of happiness and joy –not another thing on the calendar to do. That’s why we work with your needs and adapt to them. 


A commitment to you and your child 

Kids impacted by chronic illness are facing some of life’s toughest battles earlier than most. Our coaches (and the entire team!) care about your family and want to make our lessons enjoyable for your child, so they can take a break from the often, isolating demands of chronic illness. 

What people are saying about us on Facebook

Irma Iniestra
Irma Iniestra
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CoachArt team provides much needed support for our kids, works around our needs and encourages kids to get involved in activities that otherwise they would not have the opportunity to attend. They focus on motivating and making them feel loved and cared for, thank you so much CoachArt!
Harriet Shaham
Harriet Shaham
Read More
Great resource for instilling joy in our children impacted by serious conditions.
Michaly Lahat
Michaly Lahat
Read More
This organization has helped me provide interactive and fun child care during events at the hospital I work at. Couldn't be more grateful for the high-quality and FREE services they provide to patients and families!

Make your impact

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