Lessons in Inspiration, Self-Discovery & Ceramics

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We all have that one thing.

You know, that one thing you call “yours.” Whether it’s a hobby, interest, or passion, each of us has that one thing that sets our soul on fire!

(In a good way, of course.)

For EmmaRae, a 20-something CoachArt volunteer in California, that one thing is ceramics!

“I’ve always had a passion for the arts, inside and outside of the classroom,” EmmaRae tells us. “When I saw CoachArt in a search for a unique volunteer opportunity, I knew I had to sign up!”

Six months after signing up, she’s still going strong at that pottery wheel. But vases, mugs, and sculptures aren’t the only things she’s shaping! Add “the lives of CoachArt kids” to that list.

From Art to Anthropology to Art

An anthropology student by day and an artist by night (and on weekends), EmmaRae has been dabbling in drawing and playing with paint since she was nine years old.

But the medium that really made her love for art bloom? Yep, you guessed it: ceramics!

(Surprise, surprise!)

“The one art medium that has influenced my love for art the most is ceramics,” EmmaRae gushes. “I wanted to give a CoachArt kid the same experience and love that I have for the art medium.”

Joy in the Journey

For the last six months, EmmaRae and her student, Denver, have been exploring their creativity with clay.

“We strictly do ceramics,” she shares, “but within that, we do some drawing in order to sort out and think about our ideas for upcoming ceramic projects.”

A little bit of drawing and a lot of ceramics. It’s the best of both worlds! But for EmmaRae, there’s a third piece of the puzzle that’s just as rewarding.

“In my first lesson with Denver, I realized that I love teaching ceramics more than when I do it solo,” she admits. 

Inspiration in Every Spin

And for that, we’re absolutely ecstatic to honor EmmaRae and Denver with the Self-Discovery Through Ceramics Award!

EmmaRae discovered long ago her deep love for ceramics. Now, she’s channeling that passion into helping children find their own special gifts!

“The creativity and imagination that Denver has when it comes to ceramics—and his imaginary lives for his plush cats, Ginger and Spice, who he includes in our lessons—is the most wholesome thing,” EmmaRae smiles.

How You—Yeah, YOU!—Can Help Other Kids find their own special gifts!

Your donations to CoachArt guarantee that kids (like Denver and his siblings) can keep having lessons at no cost to their families.

100% of our 2023 Impact Fund goes to the lesson materials and volunteer training and management to provide more lessons to more kids in 2023.

$14 is the average cost of 1 lesson for 1 student, through CoachArt’s innovative model.

Make your impact

Be part of CoachArt’s innovative program making an impact for kids affected by serious illness.

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